Renovation projects of public buildings

Projects for the design and renovation of public buildings and institutions require specific skills, at first because most of these spaces are buildings open to the public.

In our architecture bureau BE-DESIGNER, we have skilled architects ready to carry out this type of project while reducing the impact of buildings on the environment.

Taking charge of the designing, the followup of the construction, the rehabilitation, or the adaptation of the landscapes of public buildings, we also take care to meet the expectations of each user while ensuring respect for the collective interest.

We design the architectural project, which includes plans showing the location of buildings, the composition and organization of spaces, as well as the various materials and colors proposed. During the development of the project, we ensure safety, comfort of use, the choice of materials and equipment according to their impact on the environment and health, and the optimization of the operation of spaces.

We also participate in the call for tenders regarding construction companies, drafting the specifications, and can be involved in the choice of selected companies. Of course, we also take care of all administrative and planning procedures to be carried out within the framework of the project.

Regarding the follow-up of the building site, play the role of direction of the works, coordinate them, and follow their progress until their delivery. We also issue any reservations and ensure the proper execution of work not completed and the recovery of defects.

As with scenic spaces, the organization of buildings and outdoor spaces must combine space, time and action to create a harmonious group. Our expertise in scenography allows us to design your spaces, unique places that look like you, where you feel good, and perfectly matches your needs.

—- Simon de Callatay