Renovation projects for shops, offices and business premises

Business and liberal professions generally have a clear idea of their projects, but little time to devote to them. Using an architecture office to take care of the construction of professional buildings allows to get away from constraints, and secure the project.

At BE-DESIGNER, we are used to working with professionalsand adapting our services to their needs. We take note of the specifications of the client, take care of the quality of the design, but also pay close attention to the reality of the work activity to ensure the perfect match between the designed space and the activity of the business.

It is indeed decisive to take into account the needs of the structure to provide, for the development of all the necessary spaces for each use, for example a storage room.

From the analysis of these elements, we elaborate several proposals, whether it is a construction or renovation project. We interact with managers who take advantage of this opportunity to rethink and optimize their work organization, and to improve working conditions and performance.

We favor sustainable buildings, requiring reduced energy needs without loose in terms of quality of comfort and optimization of spaces, which contribute to working in good conditions.

The options we present meet the current needs, but are also, as far as possible, evolving, leaving the option to changing the layout of spaces in the future, or even to enlarge the building.

According to your wishes and needs, we present you all the possible aesthetic, technical and budgetary options for your project, advising you on the choice of materials, joinery, lighting, heating or sanitary. We draw up a detailed plan of action in accordance with your specifications, including plans and metrics, to allow a comparison by type of offers of construction and renovation companies.

—– Gilles Fostier